My book of poems, Kingdomis available through Palimpsest Press or your local bookstore.

My poetry has been published in a number of literary magazines and anthologies, including Best Canadian Poetry 2013, and nominated for the CBC Poetry Prize. See a full publication list here. I’m currently working on a second manuscript of poems and a collection of essays.

“…Elizabeth Ross’s poems seem, to me, to inhabit a transition zone. They are often situated in ordinary domestic moments, but it’s as if there’s a little swinging door inside them and the reader finds herself stepping first to one side, then another as the poet switches views. Liz, herself, is rooted in this stance—a trustworthy observer of the goings on, a witness to the troublesome aspects of the ultimately impenetrable nature of the symbolical, and the potential razor-thin splinter of ice within the commonplace…” - Marilyn Bowering

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“In the lush, vivid poems of Elizabeth Ross’s Kingdom, an agile, engaged and astute mind offers the names for much of the kingdom of the heart. Ross carries us through the dangers and ecstasies of girlhood, with its boundaries and breaches, and into the openings and enclosures of the adult world with its “sound of something bigger.” Kingdom is the startlingly accomplished, brilliant debut collection of an important new voice in Canadian poetry.” - Rhea Tregebov

“Elizabeth Ross’s poems burn right through any hip dark cynicism to get at the real DNA of her own heart. No melancholy here, but vivid reporting from the perilous journey. Ross has been held to the flame and these well-tempered poems are first rate steel.” – Michael Dennis


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