Photographing a Black Hole: Adrienne Gruber and Elizabeth Ross in Conversation
(Interview by Rob Taylor)

Get Lit CFMU
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Poetry Mini Interviews
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My Writing Day(s)
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Instinct & Intuition
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Elizabeth Ross presented by Christopher Evans
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I Think It Will Be OK: John Barton in Conversation with Elizabeth Ross
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“For Heavensake I Don’t Have an MFA in Feelings: An Interview with Elizabeth Ross by Rob Taylor
(poem and interview: rollofnickels)

“Evolution of the Species”
(poem and audio: The Puritan)


Out-of-Town Authors: Elizabeth Ross” by Ariel Gordon
(interview: The Jane Day Reader)

“(Black Sheep at) Family Picnic”
(All Lit Up: Poetry Picnic Baskets)


“Only a Poem Will Do” by Janina Stajic
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