Support Authors for Indies @ Book City St. Clair

Spring is in the air! I’m excited to support¬†Authors for Indies and to try my hand as an indie bookseller: the world’s sexiest profession.

Growing up in Victoria, B.C., I bought my books from either Munro’s or Bolen Books. If I had a good report card, my dad would give me some cash to splurge on books, which I faithfully blew on Babysitter Clubs. In grade seven I won a winter reading contest and my teacher gave me a copy of Lorna Crozier’s Inventing the Hawk. As a thirteen-year-girl who had mostly been subjected to terrible haikus, I needed more of this not-haiku poetry business. I bought all of Crozier’s work, discovered she was married to this guy Patrick Lane, bought his books, then…the reading never ended. And it was Munro’s and Bolens who kept me reading — and later that summer, writing — by stocking poetry written by real, honest-to-god poets who were alive and writing about breasts and severed hands and all sorts of intriguing subjects.

On Saturday, May 2, I’ll be at the Yonge and St. Clair location of Book City from 1-2:30. Please stop by and support this event and Book City, a Toronto institution with reading for everyone of all ages. Kingdom will be available for purchase, as well as other tantalizing spring releases.¬†Hope to see you there!


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